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  • The Walking Dead, Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye by Robert Kirkman and Toby Moore – Review
    The Walking Dead follows Rick Grimes, a police officer who’s put into a coma during a shootout and wakes up months later in a seemingly abandoned hospital. It soon becomes apparent that he’s in fact woken up to a zombie apocalypse. What a premise!  I’ve been wanting to read The Walking Dead series for a long time. Ever since I decided I wanted to watch the TV show. Yes, I’m that person who wants to read the source material before watching any screen adaptation. I’m working on it, because wanting to casually watch a movie on Netflix shouldn’t come with…Continue reading »
  • Ashes of Blood – Blurb Reveal and Giveaway
    Ashes of Blood The Dragon Mafia Chronicles Book 1 by Lela Grayce Genre: YA Fantasy Do not serve drinks to a dragon mob boss. They bite. Zero stars. A century ago, rips in reality appeared all around the globe, allowing creatures from myth to surge into our world. Dragons. Shifters. Fae. Witches. All now walk the earth in an established hierarchy of power. At the bottom of that chain are mixed-species Mutts… like me. My abilities should be minimal. Yet, after an unfortunate run in with a dragon mob boss, the thirst for my blood quickly becomes his obsession. Violence….Continue reading »
  • Gaining the Courage to Write – Matt Taylor, Author of The Vault of Kings
    For those who don’t know me, my name is Matt Taylor and I am the author of The Vault of Kings series. I started writing as more of a dream, really. I had always wanted to write a book and I had a good idea of what I wanted it to be about, but there was always something inside me that kept telling me, “You can’t do that.” “People will make fun of you.” “No one will like it.” Which discouraged me from ever starting. I finally got up the courage later in life, though I am still young, to…Continue reading »
  • My New Excuse To Buy Books
    I have a lot of books. I recently started cataloguing all the books that I own and before I even started on the presumably hundreds of physical books the count was already 133. In the last two years I’ve read less than 50 books. Can you see the issue? My dad is a motorbike fanatic. Raced for years, won a couple of national championships, then retired and now spends a significant amount of time fixing up old bikes which involves a lot of grumbling and swearing which some days is all I or the neighbours can hear. Anyway, where I’m…Continue reading »
  • 2020 So Far and My Plans For December
    Hi! Long time, no see. Today I’m going to be telling y’all what I’ve read this year so far, and what I’m planning to read for this last month of 2020. I’ve completed 15 books so far out of my goal of 52. Not great, but it’s better than nothing. You can view all of these books here. Please keep in mind that some are from problematic authors. I either didn’t know they were problematic when I read the books or, in the case of one by JKR, I didn’t yet understand the fact that what I was doing was…Continue reading »
  • LaGuardia by Nnedi Okorafor – Review
    In LaGuardia, we follow the pregnant Future Nwafor Chukwuebuka in her return to America, where she was born, from Nigeria, where her parents and grandparents were born. Future is a doctor who was living in Nigeria treating humans and plant type aliens. For reasons yet unknown, Future decides to abandon her life in Nigeria and return to the USA. Upon arrival in America, she faces intense screening, including accusations that her baby’s part alien. She manages to get through security when it is revealed that she in fact smuggled in an alien in her bag. Why? You’ll have to read…Continue reading »
  • Genesis of Dragons – Cover Reveal
    Hi y’all! I’m popping in last minute to share the amazing new cover for Genesis of Dragons by Charlotte Murphy. I love it so much so without further ado, here it is: Synopsis Guilty over the inability to save his family, Mortan Ranger sets out to destroy the dragons who slaughtered them. While hunting for his next kill, Mortan meets Elys Aulandri; the princess of an Agmantian tribe, intent on avenging those who have wronged her. When Mortan and Elys discover they are working toward the same goal, they band together to evade the forces of the evil necromancer Vargrim…Continue reading »
  • What I Read in September and Not Feeling Good Enough
    I didn’t read any books in August. I read, to be sure, but I didn’t turn the last page on any of the books I read. So, I thought I’d take this time to speak about the pressures of not feeling up to par as a part of the online book community. I know a lot of people have covered this, but I feel that it really is important to talk about. I don’t read every day. I don’t always read once in a week. This doesn’t mean I don’t love books and reading. It has nothing to do with…Continue reading »
  • Goddess in Time – Book Tour and Giveaway
  • How to Find Time to Write as a Parent – S.W. Raine, Author of The Techno Mage
    How to find time to write as a parent? I know of many writers who work a full-time job and can only write in their spare time. But with kids, their spare time is often minimal or even nonexistent. As the mother of a toddler, I know this dilemma all too well. Today, I am going to share three ways that I was able to get some writing time in while working a full-time job and raising a three-year-old. Write while they sleepI am no stranger to getting up early in order to get some writing time in. My alarm…Continue reading »
  • A Misplaced Child – Book Tour and Giveaway
  • A Thrift Store Book Haul
    A few days ago, I walked the five or ten minutes to my small town’s thrift store, or “op shop” as we call them in Australia. My mum and I are regular browsers there, although not necessarily regular customers. The shop is run completely by volunteers and all funds go towards the upkeep of the shop and local aged care facility. Most of these volunteers are retirees with the odd teenager sprinkled in to the mix. I actually used to volunteer there for a time, back before I shaved my head and discovered I wildly gay (and therefore afraid of…Continue reading »
  • My September TBR
    September is the month of catching up. Catching up on ARCs, catching up on review copies, catching up on books I’ve been part way through for months. I mentioned all my currently reading books in my welcome post a couple of days ago which you can view here, or you can check out my actual “currently reading” shelf on Goodreads here. I know not all of y’all care about that and just want my to get on with the TBR, but it takes me 2 minutes to write this paragraph and add the links so why not? I have 24…Continue reading »
  • Welcome To My Blog!
    Hi y’all! My name is Molly and I’m a 17-year-old bibliophile from South Australia. I’ve been active on the bookternet since early 2020, and started my Bookstagram in April 2020. I decided to start this blog because often the things I want to post about on other platforms simply aren’t compatible with those platforms due to character limits. My favourite genre is fantasy, but I read most genres from time to time. My least read genre is romance because I don’t really enjoy it, although I do see the appeal and will read romance novels if they sound particularly good or…Continue reading »

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